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Hi, I’m Carl founder of Rewire to Revive, why? Because I have been there myself in 2019 I collapsed at home and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, like many of you reading this I wasn’t really given any guidance or instruction other than you’ll have a concussion maybe for a couple of weeks and then you will be fine. Fast forward 6 months, sat on my couch alone feeling isolated from help, with nobody seeing my symptoms there was a massive lack of understanding of my struggle and it had me doubting myself and my own ability.

So I decided to take action (of course with the indecision it took me a while to get to that) and at about 10/11 months I signed up for my yearly charity event I take part in and it was through the 100 days of this that I brought myself back. Building 1 day at a time my tolerance being very self aware of my boundaries and not to push them.

Now I am recovered and taking the opportunity to help others by being a Brain Injury Recovery Coach, this should not be a journey you take alone, whether you need to get back to work, or back to family life, or even just believing you can again.

I can help, with over 21 years + service in helping people within the emergency services, as well as studying Trauma, Neuroplasticity and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I am uniquely qualified through personal experience and understanding to guide you through your recovery.


Recover and regain that quality of life, Recover the joy in life.

Being there through part of Carl’s journey has enabled me to learn from his experiences and helped me to understand how recovering and living with a TBI and Post concussion syndrome can be very challenging. My role here is to guide you and make sure you have the right path for your recovery. With myself and Carl you have a team who have 50+ years of experience of helping people daily.


Client Relations Manager

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