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Concussion Clarity

Empowering Early Recovery

This 3 session course is designed specifically for those in the early stages of recovery, its goal is to identify anything holding you back from moving forward. Then to help you understand what has happened in your brain, then set you on a path to recovery with a progression plan which you will be able to follow yourself and guide you forward to reviving your quality of life.

What’s included:

  • Pre session 30 min Zoom discovery session where I learn about you
  • 3 x 1 hour Zoom sessions
  • 1 phone call check in between sessions and after last session
  • Bespoke progression plan to leave with, easy to follow and guide yourself to recovery

Our sessions are based around 3 core principles

Acceptance – A session where I use my training in trauma management to ascertain what stage you are at of processing your injury or illness that brought about your Concussion/Post Concussion Syndrome and whether this is having an effect in holding you back from recovery.

Understanding – This session is all about what has happened to you, sometimes we get distracted with our symptoms and the negative cycle of those. Using my knowledge of Neuroplasticity I will help explain and educate you on what has occurred which in turn will help you understand why the symptoms are there.

Progression – Into our last session is about taking the acceptance and understanding then combining it with your personal needs and circumstances to set a bespoke progression plan in place to guide you forward in your recovery. This is where I use my skills as a Neuro Linguistic Programme Master Practioner to change your thoughts and behaviours around recovery.

Max recommended time scale for course – 6 weeks

“Your only limit is You”